CORRESPONDENCE courses mean that we send you the printed material, you work at your own pace, and then send us the answer sheets. We process everything and notify the state on your behalf. You are always sent a course completion statement for your records. Get er’ done!

What does “WORK FROM HOME” mean? When you choose this option we send you the text books, as well as work from home workbooks that walk you through the courses in a self taught manner. Many prefer this as it allows you to work at your own pace. The Real Estate Commission refers to this as ‘pen and paper’. Answers cannot be given out any longer as they were allowed by the state at one point. (Sorry!)

We have many packages for Continuing Education to fulfill basic state requirements as well as Continuing Education for your own personal growth and development

2-hour Courses $25.00 each

1. Contract Basics: The Listing Contract
2. Contract Basics: The Offer to Purchase Contract

4-hour Courses $40.00 each

1. A Strategy for Seller Agency
2. The Truth about Mold
3. Understanding 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges
4. Green Real Estate
5. Tax Implications on Home Sales                                                                                                                                                                         6. Ethics and Agency Relationships


6-hour Courses $55.00 each

1. 2019-2020 Tennessee Core Course (Must have to renew)
2. Everyday Ethics in Real Estate
3. Real Estate Finance
4. Red Flags – Property Inspection Guide
5. Real Estate Update Volume 4
6. Fair Housing
7. Foreclosures Short Sales & REO’s                                                               

8. Starting a Successful Brokerage                                                                     
9. Property Pricing and Residential Real Estate


8-hour Courses $70.00 each

1. Adding Value Through Agency Relationships
2. Property Management & Managing Risk
3. Real Estate and Taxes
4. Commercial investment Real Estate
5. Home Inspection-deal maker or deal breaker
6. Minimizing Risk with Effective Practices

30-hour Property Management: $175.00

30-hour Real Estate Brokerage: $175.00